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Simon Says is the new monthly newsletter from Edward George. Each month we will share with you updates on rapidly changing industry and employment trends and provide practical information on the human resource issues that matter the most and reflect current best practice to give you the competitive edge in the market.

I hope you find our column informative and of course welcome any feedback you may have.

Edward George is a Human Resources Consultancy that specialises in Corporate Recruitment, Retention Talent Management, Employee Exit Interviews and Corporate, Executive, and Group Outplacement Services.


Issue # 15  Top Grading is the silver bullet to professional success and emotional wellbeing


Issue #14   LinkedIn strategies that are guaranteed to  grab the attention of 'A' grade candidates


Issue #13   Exceptional Leaders simply must understand the traps in employment law


Issue #12   How to attract and recruit the top 5% of executive talent every time


Issue #11   Great Leaders epitomise the change they wish to create


Issue #10   Online job advertising needs a facelift if we are to attract the best candidates and not
                   just the unemployed


Issue #9   Mistakes and poor judgment at work can really cost, but accountability and ownership
                 pay big dividends


Issue #8   Great leadership starts with learning what makes your team Click!


Issue #7   Fat profits equals fat thinking: Why a skinny economy is good for the business mind


Issue #6   Can you teach common sense? Perhaps not...but better decision making - absolutely!


Issue #5   The psychology of recruiting - do you 'clone' or value the gaps?


Issue #4   Want to attract quality executive candidates? Here's the Ugly Truth... Don't tell them
                 how good the company is; tell them how bad it is!


Issue #3   I love you and goodbye: 5 ways to extract maximum value out of your Exit Interviews
                with your very best employees

Issue #2   Redundancy Decisions: smooth exits are just as important as grand entrances


Issue #1   Workforce Culture: the invisible force with visible impacts



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