365 Days of Grateful

08-Jul-2011 "Whatever we think about and thank about, we bring about" ~  John DeMartini

A new financial year is not only an opportunity to set new business goals, but also look at how your business and life are working together. I have taken this opportunity to start my own 365 Days of Grateful journey – but one with a difference. First my scrapbooking friends decided it would be a great way to take a snap shot of a year of our life. The idea grew and developed during a social media meeting in my office I decided to create a Facebook group which is interactive and inclusive, engaging with the community which surrounds us. (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_213303225371619)

I started my journey on the 1st of July, and a few people have joined me along the way. One week on, I feel it is time to look at the impact it has had so far. From the seed of an idea between my scrapbooking friends, it has blossomed into more then I could have imagined. My children are participating, taking pictures and writing a sentence each day of something they are grateful for. The Edward George team have got on board and we are sharing our lives with each other a little more, adding to the unique culture which makes our team such a pleasure to be a part of. We are communicating on a daily basis with our entire support network - friends and business community, sharing with one another what we are thinking about. Reading the positive, life-giving posts of this group of people which I have subsequently surrounded myself has created a new energy which I am bringing into my day.

These outcomes were never something I anticipated when I undertook the challenge to make a daily post. I set myself this task for me. To force myself to stand back from my life once a day and reflect on what I enjoyed most, what I am proud of, what I may be not so proud of and what I have learnt. I wanted to bring more gratitude into my life, so I am thinking about it, at least once a day for an entire year. I will keep you posted on the journey!

Mel Stibbs

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