Corporate Exit Interview Outsourcing

Exit Interview

Many of our corporate clients’ HR departments did not have a systematic approach to collecting, collating and reporting on exit interview information within their business. Some were not even doing exit interviews at all. As a result, reliable workforce information was not available to the HR department. This resulted in the company executive team making critical work place decisions based on gut feel and intuition. Our HR Directors and HR Manager’s know how important it is to be a valued business partner and recognise that being able to report on workforce information with statistical authority is of upmost importance in getting key HR initiatives and strategies endorsed and approved. They like that we -

  • Provide a complete solution – Our corporate clients like that our approach to managing exit interviews is completely systemised. They are amazed at how easy it was for us to take an ad-hoc system and turn it into a robust management reporting tool.
  • Flexible cost structure – By having an hourly rate cost structure for Exit Interviews our clients like that they only pay for the exit interview service when required. Their volume of exiting employees varies from month to month so that an hourly rate system means that the cost structure is flexible based on client needs.
  • Easy set up – 48 hour set up time. We consistently get complimentary feedback on how easy it was for our clients to get Exit interview outsourcing in place.
  • Tailored and informative reporting – With both descriptive and statistical reporting in place our clients like that the new reporting enables them to be more strategic and speak with greater authority around the executive table on retention strategies.
  • Critical issues are brought to their attention – Nothing gets swept under the carpet. Our client’s like that key issues are brought to their attention. They don’t want surprises and they like to be on the front foot when dealing with employee relations issues.

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