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Graduate Program

With significant upfront investment in attracting large graduate candidate pools, our clients like that using our Graduate recruitment support service provides them with greater application processing speed and stronger assessment capability. In a highly competitive market our clients want to get the first look in at the best talent in the market place and our service creates the speed necessary to achieve this goal.

Many of our large corporate clients have established Graduate program’s which they strategically use to grow their business and talent pool to support future HR succession planning strategies. They make a significant investment of time and money in promoting their respective businesses at University campuses, career days and even sponsoring universities through various programs and initiatives. As a result the success of these promotional activities leads to large volumes of applications being received. Short listing 100’s of resumes can be a very time consuming and onerous task given the minimal practical work experience of the pool. Our clients like that we get this short listing process done quickly and use a phone interview process to ensure that the person has the required communication skills and fits the desired graduate profile.

Our corporate clients tell us they like the support we provide on Graduate programs as it provides –

  • Faster turnaround times – They find that they are able to quickly move through the assessment and selection process as the extra consulting resources provided to the process means they have access to the best people faster than competitors who are also vying for candidates from the same talent pool.
  • Workload support to the HR team – Our corporate HR teams are often stretched with multiple projects and tasks that change on a daily basis. HR Manager’s like that they can impact positively on the workload stresses experienced by their HR team by engaging Edward George to relieve the workload pressure.
  • Positive corporate image – With a heavy upfront investment in attracting a large pool of graduate candidates to be interested in joining their company our clients take seriously how well the graduates are treated during the recruitment process. They know that with comparable salaries being paid in the market place, the difference in getting an offer accepted can be based on the impression the candidate has formed of the company during the recruitment process. Our corporate clients like that Edward George gives them that added professionalism through exceptional service.
  • Assessment support – By undertaking initial upfront phone interviews and reference checking at process conclusion, our clients are able to ensure that they only get the best candidates in for face to face interviews and assessment centres. They know that a high grade does not necessarily mean that the person will be a great cultural fit for the business and although they recognise reference checking as important, they like that their HR team is not tied up for days undertaking reference checking.
  • Process improvement – By having additional resources involved in their Graduate programs, our clients like that they have a unique opportunity to assess the format, process, approach and future resourcing requirements by observing what is possible and where previous gaps may have existed in the graduate recruitment process.

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