Corporate Outplacement

It is inevitable that there are times when our corporate clients part ways with employees. Reasons can vary from economic down turn, restructuring, change of strategic direction or simply a skill set mismatch. Our corporate clients have made a substantial investment in their corporate image and branding. Protecting the goodwill associated with that brand is very important to them, as is simply being a good corporate citizen and doing the right thing by their staff.

They take the view that how they treat employees on the way out is just as important as how they are treated on the way in. They find that it is typically not practical or appropriate to have HR engaged in providing resume development services and / or interview technique advice and coaching to employees that are leaving.

Our corporate clients really appreciate that Edward George provides a trusted and reliable outplacement service that can be relied upon and accessed readily on an as needed basis. Some of the key features of this service that our Clients consistently comment on are –

  • Employment market knowledge and awareness - Our clients like that we are a registered recruitment agent and therefore we have an excellent real time knowledge of current employment market trends, which makes us really well placed to provide valuable contemporary advice on all matters relating to the candidate job search process.
  • Practical and pragmatic service – Our corporate clients like that we provide an outplacement service with no smoke and mirrors. We assist the outplacement candidate by preparing a stand out resume and cover letter for them and then work with them on improving their interview technique and providing employment market advice. The service is completely structured around providing the individual with all the tools to make a swift transition into their next comparable role.
  • Same day Redundancy support – Let’s face it, making someone redundant is both stressful for the Manager involved and the employee affected. Our clients like that we have one of our consultants come out to site on the day of the redundancy. In the sequence of events that happen on the day of the redundancy we have a short meeting with the person made redundant letting them know that we have been engaged by the client to make their transition process to their next place of employment as smooth as possible. This gives comfort to the person that they will not be on their own at a time when they are likely to be feeling stressed and vulnerable.
  • Positive mind set - Employees are often very emotional about being made redundant. Although we don’t pretend to be psychologists, our clients like that our experience enables us to assist the employee affected to work through any underlying negativity and get them back on track and looking forward to the future in a positive frame of mind.

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