Corporate Recruitment

Corporate Recruitment

There are some common characteristics of our corporate clients - they are well branded, considered to be employers of choice, they don’t like to use recruitment agencies due to exorbitant fees and they are always time poor. They like that they can outsource the entire recruitment process or elements of it to us and they only have to pay an agreed rate. They know that time is the real issue for them and appreciate that our business is geared around leveraging their time, whilst still being outcome focussed in getting them a high calibre employee. The positive feedback we receive on our corporate recruitment service includes –

Understanding of their business and culture – Our office has regular internal client quiz days where we have fun sessions designed to ensure that our teams have up to date knowledge of our clients business and culture. They appreciate that we invest time in understanding their business and the type of people that fit into their company culture.

Stress reduction – Whether it is reducing workload pressure on the HR department or on the Operational line Managers, our clients like that we enable them to stay strategic by taking time consuming recruitment activities off their desk.

Cost flexibility – Our clients like that they are able to hand over the recruitment process to us at any time and know that the transition will be effortless.

Trusted and reliable – We are always available to assist our clients. Our corporate clients like that we are always willing to meet them at short notice to assist with a recruitment assignment and they appreciate that we are always candid with feedback on candidates.

Better shortlists – Our corporate clients want their shortlists to be flush with exceptional people. They like that through our network we are often able to bolster their short lists with high calibre candidates that are known to us.

Leveraging of Time – The common theme across all our corporate clients is that they play full out (I have no idea what this is supposed to mean). Their executive teams and HR departments are always at full throttle. When an unexpected recruitment assignment lands on their desk they sometimes just know that they cannot give it the full attention it requires. In this circumstance, you and your team can remain strategic by engaging our service and keeping your recruitment budget healthy.

Delivering exceptional results – We take pride in being outcome focussed. Our clients like that we work hard to get them a quality result every time.

Fully scalable – Being able to pick up the phone and engage our service at any time in the recruitment process is something that our clients really appreciate. They like that we are flexible, available and willing to assist at short notice. Our corporate clients don’t necessarily have access to internal resources at short notice and so having access to a flexible external resource to call on is of great support to them.

Unbiased – We don’t work on ownership of candidates or placement fees. Our clients like that we have no vested interest in any particular candidate getting the job. As such many of our clients will get us to assess agency candidates, internal candidates and external candidates as they view our service and candidate assessments as a single source of independence.

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