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Writing great copy takes time and an understanding of prevailing employment market conditions. Our clients like that we are expert copy writers and know how to tailor the copy depending on the medium being used. Working on an hourly rate means that the service is cost effective and it is literally geared around saving our clients time. Our Corporate and SME clients know that we are completely across the advertising mediums of print, web and social networking mediums and they have grown to trust our judgement and advice on where they should spend their advertising budget to get the best results. Strong employment market knowledge, expert copy writers and established advertising accounts equals better recruitment results.
Our clients are well branded and desirable employers, they are passionate about being successful and provide fantastic opportunities for their employees, but this does not mean they are devoid of challenges around advertising. The main pressure points and stress they experience with advertising are outlined below, along with what we do to provide relief and alternate solutions:

  • Lack of Time – Writing effective and targeted advertising copy takes time. When producing advertising copy in house, large corporate organisations will need to follow an internal and external advertising copy approval process, be on top of media deadlines, whilst still managing the regular weekly workload of calls, meetings and project deadlines. This can create substantial time pressure. We take away the pressure. When Edward George takes on this part of the process, our clients only have to review the copy and send an approval to proceed email. A 2 -3 hour “Doing” process becomes a 10 min “Reviewing” process.
  • Identifying the best mediums to use – What web Job boards to use, Print – Papers/Professional Magazines, Social Media. Being across the changing suite of recruitment advertising promotional mediums is not always straight forward. Our clients get great comfort from working with a trusted recruitment advisor that is well positioned to provide prudent and practical advice on advertising mediums. It means for them a more focused and targeted advertising strategy, saving money in the long term.
  • Requirement for Anonymity - At times our corporate clients have strategic reasons why they simply are not in a position to use their own branding on certain appointments. Edward George can provide this anonymity and our clients really like that our hourly rate business model means there is absolutely no exposure to the percentage of salary package placement fees.
  • Changing internal deadlines – Working in highly dynamic work environments, our corporate client’s priorities can change from day to day. Our clients love the flexibility of engaging Edward George at the front end advertising stage and then having the using our services for the entire recruitment process if required. They find the Edward George business model provides them with the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of their business.

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