Corporate – Reference Checking

Reference checking provides that vital last check prior to making an offer. Our clients like that we tailor the reference to the job, we get them done quickly so that the offer process is not held up, we know when to probe further around implied concerns and we provide a fair and reasonable cost structure. With no bias towards a particular candidate getting the job, our feedback is untainted and independent which our clients appreciate.

The Human Resources department of our corporate clients can potentially be responsible for recruiting 100’s of positions a year. Our clients know that the best talent can be snapped up quickly so “speed to offer” is important to them. Getting references done quickly and professionally is critical. Our corporate clients use our reference checking service to overcome the following issues they experience –

  • Operational Service deadlines – The Corporate Human Resources departments we work with take great pride in their service delivery. Sometimes sheer workload adversely impacts delivery capability. The Human Resources Managers we work with love that our reference checking service keeps the recruitment process moving, even when their HR Officers are tied up with other operational HR activities.
  • Time zone problems – Referees are often geographically dispersed and therefore time zone differences may make the reference checking process very difficult. Our clients like that we just get it done for them. They don’t have to be concerned with referee locations.
  • Referees not available – Referees are typically busy people, usually senior executives that spend lots of their working week in meetings, as do our clients. Usually a recipe for a frustrating round of phone tag. Our clients like it that we have a team that is always available to take that call when the referee does call back.
  • Sluggish offer turnaround times – Our Corporate clients are ultra competitive. They compete for percentage points of market share and strive for excellence in their chosen markets. They know that as a large company they will always have some level of bureaucracy to work through before an offer of employment is signed off. What they can’t afford is to have external factors like contacting referees delaying the offer process. They appreciate that Edward George can get reference checks done quickly, so they can get on with the business of getting the employment contract ready.
  • Work overload and lack of time – At Edward George we fully understand that both Operational and HR teams have a constant pressure on their time and resources. They recognise that sometimes it is more effective to be the “Reviewer of work done” rather than trying to be the “Doer” of everything. Our corporate clients appreciate that we make their workload more manageable and they trust and rely on the unfiltered reference feedback we collect.

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