Corporate Retention

Operating in highly competitive industries our Corporate clients invest a lot of time and money in attracting the best talent in the market place to their workforce. They have a vested interest in retaining their top talent, which safe keeps the future prosperity of the company. Making sure this talent pool is engaged and happy is a critical business issue. Using our service to undertake periodic culture surveys, our clients have systemised and endorsed that companywide feedback from its existing workforce can play a key role in defining the best retention strategies for the future. Highlights of this service are –

  • Impartiality – As an external provider of services our corporate clients like that we can be relied upon to provide unfiltered statistical and descriptive feedback on workforce information. We have no vested interest or bias when collecting and reporting on information.
  • One point of accountability – When culture surveys are managed in house invariably the HR department has to resource the project. This is often difficult as our corporate HR departments are always pressed for time and getting consistency of delivery can be an issue. Add to this periodic personnel changes and the process of in house surveys can very quickly lose focus and momentum. Our clients like that they only have to find the budget for the project not the resources.
  • Fixed price – As we know how many employees are to be surveyed per quarter, our clients like that we are able to provide a fixed price quote on the work to be performed. This provides certainty around budget allocation.
  • Consistency – Our corporate clients like that regardless of organisational changes within their business, Edward George can be relied upon to consistently deliver the survey results without compromise.

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