Corporate – Shortlisting

 Our larger clients consistently face problems with resume bottle necks. They are often considered “Employers of Choice” and therefore get big responses to employment advertisements no matter what the level of position. They recognise that to overcome bottlenecks involves working longer hours which is not a desirable solution to managing their personal or HR team’s recruitment workload. Having an option to outsource components of a recruitment process enables our clients to have greater flexibility in tackling their recruitment work load pressures. Outlined below are the main reasons our current clients use our Short listing service -

  • Pressure relief – Our clients know that the key to a successful recruitment process doesn’t always require them to use their own internal resources, particularly when talking about time consuming short listing. The end result of a clear, concise, thorough and well-vetted short listing process is often of great relief to our clients.
  • Fast turnaround times – Every company wants the best. Many employers are vying for the same top quality candidates and missing out on the best talent due to slow recruitment turnaround times is not acceptable to them. We get a real buzz when our clients get feedback from candidates as to how impressed they were with the application turnaround time.
  • Better quality information – Most resumes don’t provide our clients with all the information they need to make a decision to proceed or not with an application. Our detailed phone interview system provides our clients with absolute clarity on which candidates should be progressed to the next stage of the recruitment process. They find the extra information makes all the difference to the first round of selection.
  • Time Saving – Our clients are high achievers and therefore have become experts at leveraging their time. They actively seek ways to become more effective Managers. Engaging Edward George enables them to get through more work, be more strategic and get better results, faster.

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