Facing a difficult redundancy decision?

Edward George creates positive outcomes for you and your employees

These are challenging economic times as we see a tightening of the employment market in WA, especially in key industry sectors. In the unfortunate event that you may need to look at redundancy as a rationalisation strategy, prioritising quality outplacement services in your business processes can help you to transition employees out of the organisation in a respectful and positive way.

Quality Outplacement Services play a big role in protecting your business  

It is inevitable that there are times when our corporate clients part ways with their employees. Reasons can vary from economic down turn, restructuring, change of strategic direction or simply a skill set mismatch. Companies make a substantial investment in their corporate image and branding so it is only natural that protecting the goodwill associated with your brand and supporting the welfare of your employees is going to be a priority.

Partnering with Edward George
The Edward George team has an excellent track record in helping our business partners to effectively manage change and deliver tailored and results orientated outplacement programs. Our team of HR specialists would be pleased to share our experience and extensive client testimonials with you.

How we help our clients

Employees can be very emotional about being made redundant and drawing on your internal HR resources to provide support is often not practical or appropriate. Providing support at ‘arm’s length’ can really help your departing employees to take a positive approach to their future employment opportunities and creates the best possible environment to ensure employees have a genuine appreciation for the priority you have given them during their exit process.

Edward George takes a practical approach to helping your departing employees get back on their feet. Our trusted outplacement service can be accessed as you need it. Here is what we do:

1.    Contact your ex-employee(s) and arrange a confidential face to face meeting with them.
2.    Work with each individual to produce a first rate resume based on their skills and experience.
3.    Create or update their LinkedIn profile.
4.    Provide career coaching, interview advice and valuable employment market insights.

4 key benefits
There are definite wins if your outplacement process is professionally managed:
•    Your team will have confidence in the integrity of their employer; impacting positively on productivity and retention.
•    Your HR Department will be free to focus energy on current business priority areas.
•    Your departing employees will be offered a respectful and constructive departure process.
•    Risk of separation-related litigation is significantly reduced.  

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