At Edward George we respect the confidentially of information and the privacy of individuals and as such act in accordance with the National Privacy Act 1988 in the collection, storage, and administration of personal information.


Types of information held

Type of Information held

  • Personal information on resumes (candidates)

  • Personal information / Company information (clients)

  • Work performance information (references)

  • Information obtained to assist in managing client and business relationships

As an example, personal information held by Edward George may include information such as a person's name and address, telephone number, email address, signature, date of birth, opinions from referees and our assessment of you as a prospective candidate for recruitment.


How we collect information

How we collect information

  • Directly from individuals via:

    • Internet (SEEK / LinkedIn)

    • Edward George website (unsolicited applications)

    • Email (Direct Applications)

    • Mail (Direct Applications)

  • From third parties such as personal referrals and client organisations

  • Directly from clients

  • Social Media – Facebook Likes & Twitter followers

Purpose for holding personal information

Purpose for holding personal information

  • Recruitment

  • Retention 

  • Outplacement

  • Exit interviews

  • Employee record keeping

  • Service provision

  • Direct Marketing – to inform you of events, services and possible job opportunities by mail, e-mail, social media and telephone

Storage and Security of your Personal Information

 Safeguarding the privacy of your information is of upmost importance to Edward George, whether you interact with us personally, by phone, mail, over the internet or other electronic medium.

Edward George takes measures to ensure your personal information is protected from unauthorized access, loss, misuse, disclosure or alteration.

All information collected / provided to us is entered into our system. Only Edward George employees have access to this system, which is used only for the purposes of executive recruitment and related services. We use a number of appropriate security procedures and technology to protect this information.

Furthermore, any personal information on hardcopy is stored in lockable filing cabinets

All Edward George employees undergo training on data privacy and security and are required to comply with our strict internal standards in these areas. Our staff  are also bound by a confidentiality agreement regarding company and customer information.

We use secure methods to destroy or de-identify personal information as soon as the law permits and provided that the information is no longer needed by us.



We will only disclose your personal information for the purposes for which it is primarily held. In other cases we will only disclose information with your consent.

Sensitive Information

Sensitive Information

In the Australian Privacy Act 1988, ‘Sensitive Information’ is a special category of personal information. This includes information about you which might include information relating to memberships of associations or unions; details of any criminal record; health / medical or disability information. There is a higher level of accountability when dealing with sensitive information. Edward George will only collect sensitive information if the individual gives us explicit consent to hold this information.



In line with the Privacy Act, an individual has the right to access the personal information we have on record and update and correct it as necessary if the information is out of date or inaccurate. If you wish to gain access to your personal information, or you have any query on how your personal information is collected or used please forward your request via the Contact Us form on our website, or by contacting us at the address below. 


Edward George  will not disclose the name of an individual except where this has been previously approved, and this will only occur in confidence to a potential employer for recruitment purposes or for direct marketing to the individual themselves. 

You have the option of not identifying yourself, or using a pseudonym, when dealing with the Edward George in relation to generic matters. However it is impractical for Edward George to provide services to persons using a pseudonym as we require identifiable information to set up the services we provide, including Recruitment, Retention, Outplacement, and Exit Interviews

Website Information

Website Information

You can visit our web site and browse without the need to disclose any personal information.

When you visit the Edward George web site, we record anonymous information such as the date and time of your visit, the server/IP address, which site was visited and the information viewed and/or downloaded. The information gathered cannot be directly matched to an individual and is only used to provide us with broad statistical analysis of our website performance. This information can help us determine what areas of our web site are most beneficial to our visitors.

At times you may forward an email to us via the Contact Us link on our web site. The information collected through this email will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it. Your details will not be added to our database, unless specified by you, nor will we disclose or use your information for any other purpose, than the intended purpose.


Direct Marketing

Edward George will not disclose information for the purposes of direct marketing, except where:

  • Edward George has collected the information; and

  • the individual would reasonably expect Edward George to use or disclose the information for that purpose

  • or, the individual has not opted out of the use of the information, with this option clearly provided on all direct marketing materials



Edward George does not store or transfer any type of data or information outside of Australia and this specifically includes the storage or transfer of personal information we may have on file.

Review of Privacy Policy

Review of Privacy Policy

We may amend this Privacy statement as our business requirements or the law changes. Any changes to this Privacy statement will be updated on our web site

 Questions regarding Edward George Privacy Policy

Questions regarding Edward George Privacy Policy

You can contact our Privacy Officer via our contact page for more information on this policy.

Enquiries regarding our privacy policy can be directed to or to the Director of Finance and Administration via phone on (08) 9457 4566.


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