Recruitment Services Perth

We all know that recruitment can be time consuming and costly. The Edward George business model tackles front on the issues of time and cost. We work hard at understanding the culture of your company and the needs of the position and will provide candid advice and guidance on the best methods of promotion to give the position maximum exposure within its target market.

We have no bias associated with any particular candidate getting the job. Sometimes it is the internal candidate that is successful, sometimes it is the external. For us as long as the person is the best candidate for the job that is all that counts. Cost effective, professional and results focussed. We take the workload off your desk and your recruitment budget won’t take a hammering.

Highlights of our recruitment service include

  • We understand your business and culture – We take pride in understanding our clients business, the markets they operate in and the culture of the organisation. Clients will tell you that we have earned their trust and they appreciate our assessment advice and judgement.
  • Professionalism and unbiased – Our clients appreciate that we have experienced Advisors that give candid and unfiltered feedback. We have no vested interest in any particular candidate getting the job and therefore our assessments and recommendations are completely impartial. We are motivated by a trusted relationship built over time not a one off placement fee.
  • Leveraging through a network – Our clients like that we not only take the workload off their desk but we are often able to bolster the final shortlist with high calibre candidates that we have cultivated through our network.
  • Time saving and less stress – Our clients like being more strategic with their time. They are smart and innovative and recognise the value of being the reviewer of the activity rather than trying to be the doer of everything. They know that simply working longer hours to fit everything in is not the answer.
  • Ability to deliver results – Consistency of delivery is critical. Our broad client base across a range of different industries will attest to our focus and commitment to delivery.
  • Fully scalable – Sometimes our clients get us in at the beginning to handle the entire recruitment process, other times it might be part way through the process. They like that at any point they have the flexibility to call us and get some recruitment assistance.
  • Our fees – We invoice for our completion of each part of the process, and can provide you with regular updates on costs. At the end of the process there are no surprises. We are totally transparent right through the process.

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