SME Outplacement

Our SME clients want to do the right thing by their staff. As they have smaller teams it is really important to them that existing staff see that the company treats people well, even if they are no longer required in the future company structure. With lack of access to big HR budgets, our clients like that they are now able to provide staff with an outplacement service that is practical, professional and it is not going to cost them the earth. Our SME’s have a real entrepreneurial spirit about them and like that we take a hand’s on no frills approach to supporting their staff leaving the business – high value, reasonable cost.
Simply put our clients really like -

  • Reasonable cost structure – A price point that is fair and reasonable. Flat fee structure, no hidden charges. Our clients like that they can engage a high quality service that they can afford.
  • Practical approach – SME’s are practical business people that like to get on with things. They find our service structure to be very straight forward and understandable. We assist the person by producing their resume, cover letter and providing interview technique advice and guidance.
  • Employee Feedback – It gives our SME’s great comfort when they hear from the ex-employee that the outplacement service was thoroughly worthwhile and exceeded their expectations.
  • Management Guidance – As entrepreneurs our clients are very much focussed on the future they want for their companies. They are excellent at knowing when to seek advice in areas that they may not have direct expertise. They like that we are able to provide sound advice and guidance on how to best handle the redundancy process. We are also well networked with some exceptional industrial relations lawyers that can provide legal support if necessary.
  • Management Support - On the day of the redundancy announcement we provide a consultant to meet with those affected so that the service is personalised and the employee feels immediately supported. Our SME’s like that extra support on what is a stressful day for all parties.

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