SME Recruitment

SME Recruitment

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit our SME’s are innovative, nimble and hungry for continued success and growth. Their businesses are growing but they are not necessarily recruiting staff regularly. Often they don’t have established accounts in place with the main internet job boards or advertising agencies. They are always time poor as managing a growing business is all-consuming. As an SME they don’t have a widely recognisable brand that attracts an audience, they don’t have the budget to regularly pay out for recruitment agency placement fees and they want to be targeted with their promotional strategy so that they make the best use of their budget. Our SME’s always comment that they really appreciate the following aspects of our service –

Time saving – With wearing multiple hats on any given day, the leaders of our fledgling SME’s are always running from pillar to post. They like that we are able to remove the recruitment workload from their busy schedules. They appreciate being able to leverage their time through our service.

Professional advice and guidance – Our SME’s are not in the recruitment market on a daily basis. They don’t pretend to be across the changing trends that are taking place in the employment market. There is a high appreciation that they can rely on expert advice from us and based on our consistent results over time they have high levels of trust in the promotional strategies we propose.

Flexibility of service and responsiveness – Our SME’s are working in a highly demanding environment with deadlines and pressure points changing from day to day. They like that they can call us at any stage of the recruitment process to get assistance. They are highly flexible and responsive businesses, and appreciate that we are too.

Complete recruitment administrative support - Our SME’s really like that they don’t have to be tied up with all the administration associated with recruiting a new staff member. Whether it is sending out unsuccessful emails, acknowledging applications, fielding calls of inquiry, writing advertising or posting advertisements on web job boards, our SME clients like that they don’t have to be across or worry whether these activities have been done. It is all taken care of.

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