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Writing great copy takes time and an understanding of prevailing employment market conditions. Our clients like that we are expert copy writers and know how to tailor the copy depending on the medium being used. Working on an hourly rate means that the service is cost effective and it is literally geared around saving our clients time. Our Corporate and SME clients know that we are completely across the advertising mediums of print, web and social networking mediums and they have grown to trust our judgement and advice on where they should spend their advertising budget to get the best results. Strong employment market knowledge, expert copy writers and established advertising accounts equals better recruitment results.
We love working with our SME’s. Great people, ambitious, innovative, driven and passionate. For them business is very personal, they are “hands on” people and their teams are lean, high performing with multi dimensional skill sets and absolutely no room for passengers. Our SME clients experience many challenges and issues when it comes to recruitment advertising. Read on for how we can make a difference –

  • Brand Awareness – SME’s don’t have big brand recognition in the recruitment market place. Our clients appreciate that we show them how to get their positions looked at. Great advertising copy, executed in the right mediums means our SME clients get access to exceptional people.
  • Lack of Time – Our SME clients don’t have access to an internal HR Advisor that can write their advertising copy and do all the administrative leg work to get their advertisements placed. Our hourly rate model literally means that we take the work off their desk and save them time, with the built in flexibility of offering additional recruitment support if required. Our HR team becomes your HR team.
  • No existing accounts with advertising mediums or marketing agencies – It takes time to set up user accounts for advertising and to be across the deadlines for each medium. Added administration is something our SME’s don’t need. Our SME’s appreciate that as active recruiters in the market place Edward George has established systems, processes and relationships which they can rely on.
  • Budget Constraints – Building and feeding a growing business soaks up capital. Any upfront saving on advertising is important to our SME’s as it can be redirected back into other operational growth activities. Our SME’s enjoy the assistance we provide to them in getting the most out of their advertising budget and our pragmatic advice on the best advertising mediums to target.
  • Lack of Recruitment market knowledge – Our SME’s are not advertising for new employees every week. This means they are often not familiar with the changing nature of employment trends within various professions. Advertising needs to be targeted and shaped with an awareness of prevailing market conditions. Our SME’s feel comfortable that we always know intimately what’s happening in the employment markets they want to be tapping and how their advertising should be targeted.

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