SME – Reference Checking

Reference checking provides that vital last check prior to making an offer. Our clients like that we tailor the reference to the job, we get them done quickly so that the offer process is not held up, we know when to probe further around implied concerns and our hourly rate approach provides a fair and reasonable cost structure. With no bias towards a particular candidate getting the job, our feedback is untainted and independent which our clients appreciate.

Our SME’s often don’t readily have access to well structured reference check forms. They understand that once they have a preferred person they need to move quickly to the offer stage or risk losing talented candidates. For them it is also really important that the reference provides insightful information both on technical skills but also on cultural fit in terms of adaptability, motivational drivers and work ethic. As they run smaller teams they cannot afford to get it wrong. Our SME’s tell us that they really like our -

  • Detailed Reference Assessments – Reference checking should not just be a box ticking exercise. Our SME clients get provided with insightful and detailed assessment information to consider alongside other sources of assessment information collected during the recruitment process.
  • Fast turnaround times – Competing for candidates is a tough business. Our SME’s like that our reference checking service gets them to the offer stage faster and with better information.
  • Unbiased Feedback – As we have no candidate ownership and are therefore totally impartial to who gets the job, our SME clients know that our reference checking service is 100% free from bias.
  • Time Saving – We save our SME’s time. They are busy people and like that we take some of their workload of their desk. They like being the “Reviewer not the Doer.”

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