SME Retention

With businesses that have grown rapidly our SME’s often find that their company systems and HR processes can easily fall behind the growth of the company. They know that the success of their rapid growth depends on retaining key talent. There is also recognition that growth and change can be difficult to manage and that they need to stay on top of workforce issues so that they can pro-actively manage retention.

  • Complete outsourced solution – As an SME, our clients generally do not have a big HR team to draw on. They like being able to get workforce information without having to bring in additional head count.
  • Provide reports within agreed time frames – Our SME’s appreciate that we provide them with a single source of workforce reporting without them having to allocate internal resources to the project.
  • Unfiltered feedback – As an external provider we are completely impartial and our SME’s like that we have no bias associated with the reports we produce for them. Just the facts - that’s it.
  • Ability to make workforce changes – By staying on top of workforce trends through internal staff culture surveys, our SME clients can act quickly on issues that arise. They see our service as a workforce insurance policy that protects them from unexpected loss of key talent.
  • Fixed price fee schedule - With up front quotes and a fixed and agreed placement fee, our SME’s like that they know exactly how much they need to budget to stay on top of workforce opinions and trends.

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