SME – Shortlisting

Our SME clients are passionate, driven but time poor. Their energy and minds are fully engaged on activities that are driving their business growth. They are well schooled on the difference between “Working on the business” vs. “In it” and actively look for opportunities to be more effective and efficient with their time. SME’s like our shortlisting service because of our -

  • Fast turnaround times – They know that good candidates don’t stay in the market place for long. Quick short listing based on resume review and initial phone interview screens ensures our SME’s swiftly and effortlessly transition to the interview stage well before other advertisers that have placed employment advertising at a similar time.
  • Demonstrated Understanding of their business – We get them. SME’s appreciate that we make an effort to understand their business and culture. With small teams it’s not just about technical skills. Cultural fit is paramount to our SME’s as they have no organisational fat to hide pretenders. Our SME’s appreciate that we focus on the assessment, not just the placement.
  • Time saving and leveraging – Our SME’s like leveraging their time. They recognise that sifting through resumes is not an effective or strategic use of their time - and their time is precious. They are action oriented people and understand that sometimes delegating non-core but important activities is the best way to go.
  • Cost effectiveness – It is straight forward; there are no surprises and consistently, we are great value and always provide a high quality service.
  • Wide Network – Our SME’s shortlists are often bolstered with additional candidates that are known to Edward George through our extensive network of contacts.

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